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 H ello, my name is Darlene Swanson, and here is a little bit about myself:

     I’m 46 years old, happily married to my husband (second marriage) who I met over the Internet almost six years ago when he was living in the Chicago area and I was living in Joplin, MO. We have two sons, Ben (17) and Brett (almost 16) who are mine from my first marriage.

     We live in Clearwater, Florida and both of us are freelance computer artists. We work out of our home, which is on the 11th floor of a condo overlooking the gulf and inland waterways.

     Six years ago, just before meeting my husband, I was watching an Ophra Winfrey show on TV where she was interviewing Tom Cruise. Someone asked him a question about Scientology and he didn’t totally answer it (to my satisfaction). This made me even more curious to find out what Scientology was.

     Shortly after that I “met” my husband on the Internet. We had been corresponding for a while when he told me he was a Scientologist. I was full of questions for him! When I flew to Chicago to meet him, he took me to the Church of Scientology in Chicago so that I could get more of my questions answered.

     Although I was skeptical about a church that offered courses instead of sermons, I decided to do my first course which was “Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life.” That course answered so many questions and solved so many problems I was having in life that I was blown away!

     It has been a steady upward journey since I first walked into the Church of Scientology in Chicago. I continue that journey today, and look forward to what answers I may obtain tomorrow on courses.[End]

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