My Success in Scientology

     To me Scientology means success.

     Every time I have a problem that seems insurmountable, there is always a Scientology way of correcting it. Let me explain.

     Before meeting my husband, six years ago, my two sons were in public schools and being advanced through the school system but still could not read or spell.

     I had always known that something was drastically wrong with that picture, but when the school “suggested” that I put my oldest son on Ritalin I thought,"They must be right because they’re educated people.” So I agreed. After two years of their so called solution, my son was back-sliding in his education and a zombie at home. At that time I took him off of the Ritalin and started searching for alternatives to educate my son.

     About that time was when I met my husband and he introduced me to Scientology. When I found out that misunderstood words were the key to kids not learning, I was amazed. How different the education system would be if using a dictionary was mandatory in ALL schools!

     Since that time, I have used Scientology to correct many problems in my life and keep myself going in the right direction. If anyone thinks they have a problem that is unsolvable, don’t give up, just find the nearest Church of Scientology and you’ll find answers within.

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