My Success in Scientology

     As a teenager, my life was definitely headed in the wrong direction. I had gotten into drugs and I was not a happy camper.

     Later I found the book, Dianetics, Evolution of a Science, on a friend’s book case. Dianetics is the name of the mental science that L. Ron Hubbard discovered and as such, it was the forerunner to Scientology. I read the book right there and then and was really surprised at how much sense it made. By that time, drugs were beginning to lose their allure as a solution to life and I had started doing a sort of home brewed meditation. I had these ideas that "I should make it on my own", but I decided that if meditation didn’t work out, I would check out Scientology.

     One day, my girl friend and I were having an argument as we’re driving along and I said something like, "I have had it. We are going to check out Scientology.” That was in Toronto in 1966 and it was the start of a great adventure. Beginning with the Communication Course and continuing from there, I found that L. Ron Hubbard was a totally practical man who had found genuinely workable solutions to life’s problems. The Communication Course, for example, has actual drills that you do which result in a much greater understanding between people. My girlfriend later accepted my proposal of marriage and we recently celebrated our 30th anniversary.

     Gradually I discovered that we have the power within us to solve any problem and L. Ron Hubbard has given us a road map.

     At this point I know that I am a spiritual being, that I will be around forever, and that the most valuable thing a being can do for himself and his friends is to cross the bridge to freedom that L. Ron Hubbard made for us. And then to help others to do the same. At that point, we will all have the abilities we need to achieve our individual goals and the goals of man’s great religions.

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