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 H ello, my name is Jack Dirmann, and here is a little bit about myself:

     I discovered Scientology through an engineering professor in the late 60’s. He encouraged me to read a book by L. Ron Hubbard which I did. I found it fascinating and have been an avid student of Scientology ever since.

     I found his works refreshingly different on a number of counts. First, it was practical. Second, it was written for everyone to enjoy and understand. He did not write it to make himself sound smart. Third, to really understand his philosophy required me to learn to think for myself. I was well-read, college-educated and generally considered an independent mind. In reading Scientology I realized that I had quite a number of preconceptions from a habit of following the crowd or intellectual fad. I have since learned by practice not to accept things as true just because someone says they are so, whether it be L. Ron Hubbard or some so-called authority. I examine things for myself, test them and make up my own mind. Needless to say, I can discover the truth or falsity in people and life situations much better than before!

     Over the years, I have helped people as a drug abuse counselor, marriage and family counselor and as an administrator in several successful non-profit organizations. Scientology increased my ability to do creative things and kindled an untapped interest in others.

     Due to its broad impact on my life I have had a very successful career, I have a terrific marriage of twenty-five years and three wonderful kids. I love my wife more than ever and we have a great time together. My kids are happy, self-reliant and bright individuals. Each is contributing to society in ways, large and small, and my family is a continuous source of pleasure and pride to me and my wife.

     Life has not always been a bed of roses but I practiced in life what I studied in Scientology. Thus, I have a complete “toolbox” for handling the thorns among the roses. I feel very confident that I can tackle anything that comes along and deal with it in a satisfying way.

     My observation has been that Scientology can help anyone who wants to use it to help themselves. I also believe that Scientology is an adventure. So, if you are ready for a little adventure in your life then get a Scientology book and read it. Test it out like I did. Let me know your thoughts after you have tried it for yourself -- I am curious.[End]

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