My Success in Scientology

      I always felt I had greater potential but didn't know how to tap into it. By the mid 1970's I was turned off by various forms of self-help, my relationships were often confusing and upsetting disappointments, and my trust in myself was dwindling.

      In 1977 I read Dianetics, The Evolution of a Science by L. Ron Hubbard. The discoveries I made were so exhilarating that for 3 days I could barely sleep and my professional productivity sky-rocketed.

      I then enrolled in my first Scientology course. (Definition, Scientology: "Knowing how to know.") Confusions and uncertainties about myself and others melted away. It was like coming home to myself.

      My personal and professional successes are, by now, far too numerous to list. But let me say that I have been very happily married for 18 years and my professional life is stable and satisfying. I am happy. I am more intelligent. I have come to know myself, trust myself, and know how to move ahead in life.

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