About Myself

 H ello, my name is Lance Miller, and here is a little bit about myself:

     I was born and raised in a small town in Indiana. It was rather an idyllic stop for a child, somewhat like a Norman Rockwell painting. I was free to explore the back fields and byways of the countryside I called home. I was free to reach into my environment and touch and feel it.

     This certainty lead me to a viewpoint of life that I should look and examine for myself what lay in front of me.

     I love most outdoor activities, hiking, canoeing, sailing, skiing, etc. I sailed Transatlantic on an 84-foot schooner at age 20 and had attained my private pilot’s license at 19. Adventure has always been a passion. I have learned that adventure alone is meaningless, but adventure with a purpose is life.

     I have a passion for organizing and expanding businesses, or any organization, for that matter. I have a passion for truth and walking the path of truth, no matter what special or vested interests I cross. I am happily married for several years and love spending time with both of our families.[End]

     If you would like to contact me personally, click here.

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