My Success in Scientology

     I have been a Scientologist for 25 years. Scientology helped myself and my family learn not only to live happily as a family but also how to change conditions in the society around us for the better. Prior to learning about L. Ron Hubbard and joining the Church of Scientology, I was quite concerned about the deteriorating quality of life in the general society in which I lived - crime, increased drug abuse, growing illiteracy, dive-bombing morality. It is not that I was perfect myself - far from it. I was successful in business and most people I know would say I was also reasonably successful in life. However, I had no real solution to bringing about the kind of improvement I really wanted in my own life and that of my family, friends and country.

     Starting with the novel idea of studying the simple basics of life as laid out in detail by Mr. Hubbard, I found out with total certainty who I really am, what my real abilities are, how to conquer my faults and how can I help myself and others make a better civilization. More importantly I learned in great detail the reasons why conditions deteriorate with individuals and with civilizations. I also learned in great detail how to help reverse this deterioration and gained first the hope, then the confidence and at last the certainty that we can all have a bright future without crime, drugs, war, insanity and all the various ills that have plagued man for centuries.

     Myself and my family thoroughly enjoy our lives as Scientologists but more importantly, we have the privilege and reward of using Scientology to help others better their lives as well. So there is hope after all and the future looks very bright indeed! How bright? Contact me anytime and I will be happy to try to answer that question.

     All the best!
     Larry Byrnes

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