My Success in Scientology

     It’s hard to sum up what I have personally gotten from Scientology. What stands out for me is that I am happy. I know that sounds trite but if I look at myself years ago I was not very happy most of the time. I was plodding through life just like everyone else and didn’t really feel good about myself, even though I was doing fine on the outside. I was missing a richness, or you might call it a vitality, that I sensed was available but couldn’t seem to tap into.

     Now I enjoy the challenges of life. I get along well with others and feel good. I get up early and stay up late because I love playing the game of life and I have become a very skilled player. I know a big part of my well being comes from what I have learned and applied in life from Scientology. I feel luckier than most people as a result. I know I would not be in this condition had I not learned the fundamentals of Scientology and taken advantage of the technology of auditing (Scientology Counseling).

     I don’t want to overstate this because I know this can become unreal to a lot of people, but I feel that my days before Scientology compared to now are as different as black and white.

     The one thing I would say to anyone who is interested in improving their future is this: Think for yourself! Don’t take my word, and don’t take the word of the cynic. Get a Scientology book, sit down in your own house all by yourself, and read it. If you find a truth in it and see the path of change opening for you, follow it. If you don’t see it that way, put the book down and forget about it. Whatever you do, do it on your own without influence from others. I almost guarantee if you do it this way that I’ll see you on course some day!

     Good luck.

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