My Success in Scientology

     I was born a truth-seeker. I read the Rosecrucian Cosmo Conception at age 15, followed by Autobiography of a Yogi. But L. Ron Hubbard's philosophy excited me most. When I read Dianetics in 1970, I said, "If this is true, it is earthshaking!" Well, not only was that true, but a lot, lot more! For me, the bottom line is always RESULTS. After 28 years in Scientology, I can attest that this is an applied philosophy that DOES get results. In fact, the depth and scope is nearly beyond belief. No matter what the problems are, whether they are personal or social, mental or physical, large or small, L. Ron Hubbard's technology applies.

     I cannot yet attest that I have handled ALL of my own problems and the problems of the world, but I take great comfort in knowing the solutions are there, the tools are there, the group is there, and it is up to me to learn what to do and then DO it!

     Once one has certainty that he is a spiritual being, first and foremost, and understands that the body is just the physical-universe identity tag, and knows that one lives many lifetimes, then this knowledge directly affects one's current existence. For example, it gives one reason to protect the environment, reform the school system, improve government, etc. I don't want to come back to another "Dark Ages!"

     The philosophical data gives one wisdom and the "how-to." The spiritual counseling gives one increased awareness, ability, and happiness. I have all this, and it is priceless!

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