My Success in Scientology

      I can honestly say that Scientology saved my life. I could hardly believe that there were simple answers to the "normal" problems of living.

     I was able to get off drugs due to the Purification program that Scientology offers. It not only helped me get off drugs completely but also wiped out any damage or effects that doing drugs had caused me physically. Scientology also gave me the technology to help me interact with society. I had gotten into some weird ideas and things that made getting along with others difficult. It helped me understand what was going on in my life and gave me tools that made it possible for me to "fix" relationships that I had written off as "just the way things turned out." It was great to be able to have this love and these people back in my life.

     Scientology also helped me in my job. I was able to work out what problems I was having with work (15 jobs in 2 years) It helped me understand the mechanics of what the "game" of work was and what I could do to gain control over this area of my life. What a relief!

     These are merely a few of the successes I have had in Scientology. Now when I see others having trouble in their life I know that Scientology could be helping them too. The answers are here and all you have to do is be brave and courageous enough to reach for them!

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